Pitchwars 2016: #PimpMyBio Contestant Blog Hop

Following in the footsteps of Christopher Keelty and Dannie Morin…it’s time for the annual #PimpMyBio blog hop for Pitchwars Contestants!!!

This is just for fun, for mentees and mentors to get to know each other better. I repeat, this is NOT mandatory…but I know some mentors use it to stalk get to know contestants better.


STEP ONE: Create a post on your blog. Tell us all about yourself! And please add a link back to this page (the main blog hop page).

Here’s a link to last year’s bios, so you can get an idea of what to write. Make friends & comment on other’s bios! 🙂

To GIF or not to GIF…that is the question


STEP TWO: Upload the link to said post via the Linky widget below, where it says “Click to Enter.” Your “Link Title” should be your name.


STEP THREE: Watch the #pitchwars Twitter feed maniacally, waiting for your first choice mentor to drop hints about their faves.

This Blog Hop is open NOW, and closes on August 3rd.

Aaand…don’t forget – this year, you can get two extra entries if you decide to donate. 



REMINDER: Your “Link Title” should be YOUR NAME

IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE: email me at booksboozescotland @ gmail


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37 thoughts on “Pitchwars 2016: #PimpMyBio Contestant Blog Hop

  1. K.J. Harrowick says:

    Thanks for this, Lana! So many amazing bios already. And yes, I’ve read every one of them. 😛

    I’ve been following everyone on Twitter, but if I missed you, feel free to come hunt me down. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  2. Gayle Clemans says:

    I love that I ended up at #69! And surrounded by such wonderful, blingy bios. Best of luck to everyone and thank you, Lana, for hosting this blog hop!

  3. Melissa Phillips says:

    I like the idea of a the time traveler just happens to appear. Enjoyed your chose in gifs! The last two staring at eachother. I just want to keep staring at it. Thanks for starting this off! It is fun to read all of the bios!

  4. Terri Lewis says:

    Chewing my way through these…writers are such interesting people. Where else would you find veternarians, a disaster planner, a woman who works in the zoo, etc, etc. And I’m only half way through. A lot of the bios have made me laugh out loud or raise my eyebrows in surprise. Happy to be part of this group. And thanks.

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